Tema to Aflao Road Project – Phase 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Who are we?

BHM Construction International (UK) Limited is a subsidiary of the BHM Group, founded in 1984 in the Bahamas. The UK subsidiary was established to deliver BHM’s core infrastructure delivery expertise into sub Saharan Africa. The Company brings together international standards and delivery with local knowledge and expertise to develop a world class project for the Ghana Government.

Our involvement in the project will ensure that a high-quality Motorway will be developed to help promote and grow the Ghana economy for the social and economic benefit of all.

We will work with all parties to ensure the project is delivered on time, within budget and to the highest quality to ensure it forms a benchmark of market quality for all transportation infrastructure schemes.


Tema to Aflao Road Project

The Government of Ghana acting through the Ministry of Roads and Highways, has identified an urgent need to upgrade the Tema-Aflao Road, which forms part of the Trans-West African Highway. The highway forms the primary link between Ghana and Togo and serves as the backbone for a significant and growing coastal, residential, economic and recreational population.

The Project proposes the upgrade to the 17km of road between Tema Roundabout and Central University Junction, with the aim to improve the capacity of the proposed road as well as improved safety and operational efficiency. It will provide uninterrupted traffic flows to other parts of the region and subsequently facilitate trade and transit in the West African Sub-Region.

The Phase 1 portion of the 17 km road project begins at the Tema Expressway Roundabout + 1km in the Greater Accra Region running parallel to the country’s coastline, through an urban/industrial environment incorporating mixed-use towns such as Dawhenya and ends at Central University intersection. The current road is a single carriageway 2- or 4-lane road with no central reservation and significant uncontrolled trading being undertaken within the existing road reserve, particularly within Dawhenya, which impacts on the mobility and safety along this section.

Root Map Temo to Aflao - Phase 1
Road junction

The key components of the proposed Project include:

  •  Dual carriageway expressway consisting of 3 lanes per direction of 3.65 m lane width (6 lanes in total);
  •  Central barrier to prevent U-turns and unauthorized pedestrian crossings.
  •  3 Interchanges to control entry and egress onto the highway.
  •  Service roads providing access within the urban environment to the interchanges.
  •  A Footbridge in Dawhenya providing pedestrian movements.

The road section will also be equipped with expressway lighting, line marking, road traffic signs, road studs; appropriate fencing and barriers to limit uncontrolled access to the expressway; improved drainage and culverts as well as appropriate pedestrian facilities including pedestrian and cyclist paths adjacent to the service roads

Environment And Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

As part of the development of the Project and to secure the necessary funding from the UK Export Finance “UKEF”, the client (Ghana Ministry of Roads and Highways) are required to review the impact of the project on the environment and residents. Nurizon International Limited of the UK and Delin Consult Limited of Ghana have carried out a full assessment of the project and reported their findings in an ESIA report.

Copies of this report are available to download below. All parties have until 14th June 2020 to forward their comments on the report. Interested parties should forward their comments for consideration to Bruce Morton, bruce@nurizon.co.za where they will be reviewed as part of the final report



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