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AWP Develop Company KPIs

At AWP, we develop a robust set of Company KPIs that measures all the company key objectives, drilled down to departments and individuals. We are results driven and focused on client satisfaction. Our continual improvement process is applied to all key tasks that our customers undertake.



Capture: of best practice, innovation, ideas, areas for improvement and feedback generated from any source within or outside through engagement.

Assess: The cost benefit analysis of an improvement, and get a decision by the Leadership to implement this improvement or not.

Implement: Ensure the leadership appoints a responsible person(s) to implement improvements. This could range from communicating an innovative idea or best practice to a system improvement or corrective measure.

Review and Measure: the outcome of the implementation actions is measured and any residual issue or further improvement re-captured and returned through the capture process.

KPI and Client Feedback: The Review and Measure stage incorporates the review of internal KPIs and client satisfaction feedback. Our project KPI process, has been tailored to align with our clients Performance Measurement Toolkit to enable benchmarking internally and externally.

Share Knowledge: via internal and external working groups and communities of practice.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team email, we would be delighted to talk to you.