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Who We Are

Our team have over 100 years collective experience in running infrastructure operations both for Contractors and Consultants, globally, where several thousand employees are engaged. We have vast experience in leading large Construction & Infrastructure organisations through times of change.

The first thing we do is look at whether your current business plan is both realistic and aligned with market conditions. We then assess whether the plan has been broken down from an overall set of targets and objectives to departmental and individual aligned objectives.

An integral part of business planning and objective setting is the importance we place on engaging staff in the plans ownership and creation. The link below shows a typical example of how we undertake this engagement.

Our team includes Joe Burns & Richard Davies, who between them have over 100 years experience in leading large growth programmes for Amey Group, Mouchel plc, Kier Group and Servo Group.

Our clients success has been by mapping and understanding the market in which they operate. Identifying the companies strengths and opportunities along with weaknesses and threats with the end result of creating a bid process and marketing plan that enable targets and accounts to be managed proactively.

Ultimately the success of operations is entirely through having a clear plan and the right people in role who understand their targets and objectives whilst feeling engaged and rewarded. We look forensically at our clients operations, to see where there are pockets of excellent performance and poor performance.

Through this we support their leaders, to ensure they are clear on what they should be doing and clear on what their team should be doing to achieve their part of the overall company objectives. We support the managers in developing proactive leadership tools for engaging their team, for example coaching support or appraisal design and training.

As part of the operational review we map all key processes including client interfaces and supplier interfaces. We review commercial issues such as contract disputes, procurement processes and tendering processes, all to ensure they are at high industry standard. We interview clients to gain their perceptions and undertake ‘a day in the life’ studies of supervisors and workforce to understand the challenges they face and propose improvements.

We recognise that having robust measures, enables early identification of problems and therefore we work with the Finance department to ensure that that the financial data is aligned to the overall objectives of the business and is presented in a format that enables operations to understand and react quickly. We do this by development of a robust set of Company KPIs, that only not measure all the company key objectives, but which is drilled down to departments and individuals. We recommend both quality and financial targets for example, staff engagement and recognition or client satisfaction.

Meet Our Team

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