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Job Title: Project Manager Electrical


Our client has a programme of rapid expansion into the Caribbean. As a result, a new dynamic and experienced Electrical Project Manager is required in Nassau with experience of Airfield edge, end and papi lighting systems, highway street lighting, and sub division power distribution.

Main Purposes of Job:

The Electrical Project Manager will work on site, assisting and reporting to the senior project manager. He/She will interpret technical statements of work and design documentation as it relates to project planning, budgeting, procurements, implementation, testing, training and project completion.

Key Tasks:

The Electrical Project Manager will work with a variety of documentation on any given project including: submittals, testing, training, implementation, change orders, purchase orders, and subcontracts to ensure high quality of work at a job site. He/She will plan, schedule, adjust, and maintain timelines in a fast paced construction/installation environment while maximizing resources and optimizing budgets.

Key Results/Objectives:

Generate high quality work in alliance with the vision and mission of the organisation.
Conduct site visits to understand the constructability of projects.
Understand plans and specifications to identify the types and grades of materials and equipment needed to ensure compliance with project requirements.
Develop project schedules: assigning cost and manpower to the schedule and provide cash and manpower forecasting.
Develop budgets and cost codes for projects
Assisting in the preparation of technical proposals, including assisting in the design and writing the scope of work, management plans, work sequence, safety, quality control and commissioning.
Develop and presents clear and detailed project scopes to the client and sub contractors. Meets with potential customers to present proposals.
Develop specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize and accomplish work in a timely and professional manner.

Reason for Recruitment:

Expansion into new Areas across the Caribbean.

Responsible for Staff/Equipment:

Responsible for a Project team, consisting on QS, Site Managers, and Foremen, along with Site Operatives, typically 30 to 100 total staff.

Reporting to:

Managing Director or his designated representative.


Degree in Electrical Engineering, ideally chartered.


Ambitious attitude with a desire to advance.
Successful at thinking quickly and independently, Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills.
Ability to rely on personal judgment and experience to make decisions and accomplish tasks.

Experience Required:

Position requires minimum 5 years of similar Project experience.

Special Attributes:

Works well with others in order to reach common goals.
Proficiency using various software applications (CADD, Scheduling, MS Office Suite, and Estimation Software.
Strong business skills.
Knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principles involved in the production of electrical plans, blueprints, and drawings.
Familiarity with electrical equipment, materials, and specifications.
Experience reading and interpreting blueprints.
Experience with contract documents (contract drawings, subcontracts, contract addendum, specifications, and change orders.


$90K per year

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